As a web developer:

Grand Teton National Park

The starting of FrontEnd journey

I graduated from Arizona State University and obtained my master degree in electrical engineering last December. Instead of continuing my research career, I decided to immerse myself into web development, especially in FrontEnd field. After an intense learning period, I am ready for my first FrontEnd developer position.

Fast Learner

Starting my early career in technology, I like to obtain knowledge from different resources to stay up to date with the rapid development of tech world, and my strength is being a great self-taught individual. As a web developer, learning new things everyday has become an essential and joyful part in my life.

Capable of team work

Since I was a student in engineering, I used to complete tasks within a team. I have the ability to work well with others which is the basic component for every successful business structure. In my previous work experience, I was considered a team player by the employers and coworkers as well. As a result, I can adapt to any collaborative environment and make contributions quickly.